Data from independent, reliable sources gives journalists the opportunity to analyze that data to tell stories that matter, and that can create change in the communities they serve. In this tutorial, you will learn how journalists developed their own data portal of illegal wildlife tracking, explore approaches to covering climate change with data and finally have the opportunity to do a bit of data analysis on deforestation yourself through an easy-to-follow data story recipe.

Tutorial Modules & Lessons

  • 1

    Start Here

    • Introduction

    • Speaker Profiles

    • Data Recipe Tutorial Download

  • 2

    Data, Climate Change and the Environment

    • Introduction

    • Mapping Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

    • Using Data to Tell Stories

  • 3

    Data Recipe

    • Introduction

    • The Story We Found

    • How We Found the Story

    • How You Can Analyze the Data

    • Questions for the Data

    • Question 1: How much tree cover did Indonesia lose between 2000 and 2019?

    • Question 2: Which were the worst and best years in this period for loss of tree cover?

    • Question 3: Which were the worst-hit provinces for tree cover loss in this period?

    • Explaining the Data

    • The Data Beyond this Story

    • The Story Beyond the Data

  • 4

    Data Sources for Investigating Zoonotic Diseases

    • Where to Look for Data Sets

    • A basic explanation of the limitations of the data